Let's Crank Up! Join us on the new generation of social indoor training and racing!

Free 2 PLAY

CR4NKUP will be free to play! No monthly fees or costs involved! Just train and use it as much as you want!


We thought it's time to make use of the next generation capacities of your hardware and give you a nice visual upgrade!


Train with your friends or make new ones from all over the world! Join social rides, join a team or meet up and have some fun!


Found your own team or just join a team! Take part in thrilling races with your friends, win rewards and climb up in your league!

Sign Up for the Early Access!

The early access will start probably in the middle of 2022. If you want to participate and help us getting the work done then don't hesitate to sign up. You require a Powermeter or Smart Trainer, State of the art PC and motivation to test new stuff and tell us what you think!

Remember this will be an Early Access!

You will be confronted with bugs and it can be frustrating sometimes! Don't signup if you expect a perfect running software!

cyclist on smart trainer

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