Frequently asked questions

Strava Upload

You can link your Strava account with CR4NKUP in the Settings menu. When you finish a ride it will be automatically uploaded to your Strava account. If you don’t want CR4NKUP to upload your activities automatically you can use the “Disable Auto Upload” option in the Settings Menu.

For your safety a FIT activity file is created for all your rides in CR4NKUP and ready to upload! You find the file here:

C:Users<user>AppDataLocalLowCrankup GmbH

Key & Mouse bindings

ESC – Switch Ingame Menu

1-7 – Change Camera

F1 – Show/Hide Chat Window

F2 – Show/Hide CRANKBOT (Personal Pace Bot)

F3 – Show/Hide Realtime Power Values

F4 – Show/Hide Realtime Power Zones window

F5 – Show/Hide Riders Nearby window

G – Graph. Show/Hide Power/HR Chart

F – Fullscreen. Pressing F several time will cycle through the different possibilities of the upper and lower HUD bar.

SPACE – Open “Finish Ride” Button

LMB – Select Road by clicking on the road name at crossroads

RMB – Brake


By pressing F2 you can switch the CRANKBOT window on/off. This option allows you to spawn your personal Pace Bot.

It has the following options you can adjust to fit your needs:

Power (Watt): This is the power the Crankbot uses.

Ascend Adjustments: Most riders tend to produce more power when the resistance increases like going uphill. This value adjusts the power the bot uses when ascending, so when Power is set to 200 and this value to 10% the bot will increase up to 220 watts when going uphill. 

Descend Adjustments: This is the opposite of the previous option. This value adjusts the power the bot uses when descending, so when Power is set to 200 and this value to 10% the bot will decrease it’s effort to 180 watts when going downhill. 

System Weight: The weight of the bot + bike (called system weight) used for the physics simulation of the bot.

Spawn: This spawn the bot at your position.

Despawn: Will remove the bot.

Teleport to Player: Teleports the bot directly beside the player. Very useful if you lost contact to the bot or lost it 🙂

Trainer Difficulty

Which is know as “Trainer Difficulty” in other popular games is called “Trainer Realism” in CR4NKUP. It can be adjusted in the Settings Menu. If you are in the main menu you find the settings menu on the left side. When you are already in the loaded world you can press the ESCAPE key to open the ingame menu. There is also a button for the Settings Menu.

Ingame Menu

If you are ingame you can open/close the Ingame Menu by pressing the Escape key.

What do I need to use CR4NKUP?

A windows PC with a graphics card and a ANT+ Smart Trainer, Powermeter or Smart Bike. 

How much does CR4NKUP cost?

CR4NKUP is free to use. No need to pause or cancel your subscription, because there is no subscription. No fees at all.

Realtime Power Values

The Power Value window can be turned on/off by pressing F3.

The best column shows your best efforts over the according time frame.

The average values show you the average power for the last according time frame.

Realtime Power Zones

In CR4NKUP the power zones are updated in real time while you ride. You can switch the window on/off by pressing F4.

The zones are based on the Cogann Power Zones:

Zone 1 – Active Recovery <55% ftp

Zone 2 – Endurance 56-75% ftp

Zone 3 – Tempo 76-90% ftp

Zone 4 – Lactate Threshold 91-105% ftp

Zone 5 – VO2 Max 106-120% ftp

Zone 6 – Anaerobic Capacity 120-150% ftp

Zone 7 – Neuromuscular Power >150% ftp