Release Notes

Update Version 0.1.5

Release Notes 0.1.5 (2023_11_17)


  • Cadence sensors added to Pairing Screen. If you don’t want to use your Smart Trainer or Power Meter for cadence you are now able to pair extra cadence sensors. If a Smart Trainer, a Power Meter and a Cadence sensor is connected the cadence will be taken from the Cadence sensor. Cadence will taken in the order (if they are connected): Cadence Sensor, Power Meter, Smart Trainer.


  • Elevation Gain added to route selection in Game Menu.
  • Key Bindings added to info screen in Game Menu and Ingame Menu (ESC Key).


  • Replaced Ingame Browser when you want to connect your Account to Strava. This should fix the language keyboard layout problem and the keyboard layout should be the same as your Windows keyboard layout now. Further more using Google Account login in Strava should work now also for connecting the account.


New Route Coming! A new route was added to the Heimbach World. As it is still work in progress it was not added to the route selection. But if you want to take a look and leave feedback or suggestion for me you can still get there by turning at the intersection in the mountains near the wind turbines. I am sure you will see it. Don’t forget: You can change the road at intersections by pressing the road name with the left mouse button. The arrows indicate where you go!

Update Version 0.1.4

Release Notes 0.1.4 (2023_11_06)

This is a minor update which fixed some non critical bugs.


  • Changed some flows in the FIT file creation and upload to Strava routines to make the upload process more reliable.
  • Strava Link status was displayed wrong in some cases, should be fixed now.
  • Sticky Powerdata when changing to an unreliable device should be fixed.


  • Added warning message in Ride Summary screen when Strava Upload was disabled in the settings.
  • Changed ingame menu flow: Exit button was removed from ingame to avoid confusion. Ingame menu is opened by pressing ESC and closed by pressing ESC.
  • Actual ride can only finished by pressing “Finish Ride” button.
  • Added link to Discord Server in the info screen.

Update Version 0.1.3

Release Notes 0.1.3 (2023_10_20)


  • Implemented a new system for the CDA calculation of players. The CDA now takes player size into account in the calculation.

  • STRAVA account linking:
  • Player can link their STRAVA accounts in the Settings menu. No need to leave game, the game will open an internal browser window where player can link their accounts on the Strava page.
  • The link status is shown in the Settings menu.
  • Player can disable automatic upload of activities by checking the according box in the Settings menu.
  • When player finishes an activity it will be automatically uploaded to Strava when account is linked.

  • Full HUD customization:
  • It is now possible to ride without any HUD display.
  • Every window can be shown/hidden by pressing the according “F-Number” key and moved around by dragging on the title bar of the window.
  • Every window position and status will be stored in player preferences and restored when starting next time.
  • The upper and lower bar in the HUD can now also be switched on/off by pressing “F”. Pressing F several time will cycle through the different possibilities.
  • Cluster Display (Riders nearby) can now also be disabled/enabled by pressing F5.

  • Player Power and HR display:
  • The power and HR chart can be turned on/off by pressing “G”.
  • The chart can be moved around by dragging the handle on the left side of the chart.
  • The chart shows the data of the last 5 minutes.
  • Position and status of the chart is stored and restored next time.

  • Ride Summary Screen:
  • “Return to Menu” button was changed to “Finish Ride”. Pressing this button will open the Ride Summary.
  • The Ride summary shows basic data of the ride like: Distance, Avg. Power, Moving Time, Elevation Gain, Calories and Avg. Speed.
  • The chart shows the elevation profile of the ride and the Power and HR data. The ride distance is the X-Axis.
  • Moving the mouse over the chart will display the according values at this distance.
  • Pressing the “CONTINUE RIDE” button will close the ride summary and you can continue riding.
  • Pressing “SAVE ACTIVITY & RETURN TO MENU” button will (surprise) save the activity to the local drive and upload it to Strava when the account is linked and then return to the Main Menu.
  • When no Strava account is linked a reminder will be shown below the buttons to link the account. 


  • Enabled Cloud Diagnostics for better debugging and helping when there are technical issues.
  • Various graphical changes and adaptations in Heimbach world.
  • Mouse pointer will be hidden when it’s not moved after some time.
  • Internal update to newer Unity version.
  • Changed level of detail objects of bikes.
  • Minor menu adjustments.
  • Renamed “Return to Menu” button to “Finish Ride” and fixed it that its not always on top.
  • Minor adjustments for cluster display, added text for front, back and “Riders nearby”.


  • Fixed wrong display of distances in cluster display when player was more than 1km away.
  • Fixed a material bug of route selection objects.
  • Fixed an error of map loading before session opens.
  • Fixed some shaders not rendering correctly during foggy weather.
  • Sudden spikes in slope value display were removed.

Update Version 0.1.2

Release Notes 0.1.2 (2023_06_24)

Requires update of Launcher & Game. Updates are done automatically.


  • Implemented and generated Level of Detail objects for Characters.
  • Implemented and generated Level of Detail Objects for bikes.
  • Major change of authentication & registration system:
  • Moved login & registration into launcher. This was a major necessary change for more future features.
  • More easy authentication with social networks. Login can now be done without registration by using the following social networks:
  • Discord
  • Facebook
  • Google
  • LinkedIn
  • Microsoft Account
  • Twitch
  • YouTube


  • Fixed Off by One error for average power values.


  • Shorts are not so shiny anymore.
  • Powerzones: Added zone names to fields.
  • Various smaller environment graphic changes.

Update Version 0.1.1

Release Notes 0.1.1 (2023_06_07)


  • Added more Tacx devices to know trainers.
  • Various Chat Window changes. Should be more clearer and more chats per message.
  • Renamed Trainer Difficulty to Trainer Realism
  • Renamed Categories in the pairing screen to be more clear.
  • some minor window size adjustments.
  • Adapted background colors in Device Pairing Screen.
  • Some more world graphics adjustments.
  • Field of View changed to 70°


  • Fixed non working Device Info button in Pairing Screen.
  • Saved Graphics VSync settings.
  • Fixed wrong transtions when switching back to 3rd person cam.
  • FIT could be corrupted in some cases when leaving game directly from ingame. Was fixed, FIT file should be correct now also when you leave directly from ingame.
  • When no Powermeter input device is found but a FE-C device cr4nkup will use the FE-C device for input now. The problem occured on Neo devices when the powermeter ANT+ transfer of data was disabled.
  • Icon graphics was changed to cr4nkup logo.
  • w/kg display was too small for bigger numbers.


  • Added Device Scan button in Pairing screen to start manually a rescan for devices.
  • Pressing SPACE ingame opens the “Return To Menu” button also when you are not standing.
  • POWER Numbers
  • New window for showing Best and Average power numbers while riding.
  • Window can be enabled/disabled by pressing F3.
  • Realtime PowerZones implemented.
  • Zones based on Coggan Power Zones.
  • Zones are only updated/calculated when player is moving.
  • Window can be enabled/disabled by pressing F4.