Let’s Crankup!

Join us on the new generation of social indoor training and racing!

It’s for free – No subscription costs or any fees!

Installation Instructions


To download the Crankup launcher click on the DOWNLOAD NOW button.

The Launcher is for managing the CR4NKUP installation. It is for installing the game, updating the game and providing you with infos about the game. 

2.Install the launcher

When the download is finished open the context menu of the downloaded file and OPEN it to start the installation of the Launcher.

3.Confirm the installation

When windows asks you to allow this App to make changes to your device you must click YES to start the installation! 

4.Install location

Next Windows asks you where to install the Launcher on your computer. In most cases there is no need to change the directory, but if you would like to change it you can choose another folder. To start the installation press INSTALL.


The installation process of the Launcher was started, it will download, unpack and install files. 

6.Finish Launcher Installation

When the installation of the Launcher is finished press FINISH to complete the installation. Make sure that the marker in the checkbox “RUN CR4NKUP Launcher” is set to run the Launcher after installation!

7.Launcher & Install CR4NKUP

After completing the Launcher installation and starting the Launcher you should see a window similar to the one in the screenshot on the left side. This is the launcher, here you will find infos and news about the game and you can manage the installation of the Game. Press on the INSTALL button on the top left side close to the Crankup logo. This wil start the installation of the game.  

8.Chose the installation path & install CR4NKUP

By pressing the INSTALL button on the bottom right you start the installation of Crankup now. You can also change the installation path when you need to here. 

9.Installing CR4NKUP

The installation was started, you can observe the progress of the installation in the bottom left. The installation is finished when 100% is reached.

10.Installing CR4NKUP

After the installation was finished the button on the top left turned from “installing” to “PLAY”. To start the game press this PLAY button.